January 1st 2014


Well it’s now 2014, a new year, and my third attempt to stick to writing a blog!

Instead of writing entries everyday, I will write on days where something special happened or just a simple update on what I’ve been up too.

Since it’s New Years, a special occasion, I will just write a short entry of my day.

This New Years was my first year in the United Kingdom. My past 18 New Years were in Hong Kong so this one was very very very special. I decided to spend it in Hove, since some of my closest friends who I call family live there. I live in London but decided since everyone and their mother was going to be there I thought a small house party would be ideal. No bathroom lines, no struggles to get home, free food and drinks, simply the best. I caught the coach from London Victoria down to Hove since there were major works on the railways. It was a decent ride, but made me quite drowsy. I arrived at Hove at half past seven and my mate picked me up and we drove home.

I ended up watching tv since I was feeling quite tired and ill and waited till it was time to countdown. I had a few drinks of champagne and a sneaky vodka and coke.

It was 11:59 and counting down started and two fire rockets with lit up and a beautiful display of fireworks came alight. It was truly spectacular. And Facebook was overloaded with new year posts and pictures.

I didn’t sleep till 5:30, I was exhausted and somehow developed a sore throat, runny nose and headaches, great start to 2014.

I spent the whole of the first day watching tv and relaxing and being served food and drink, warm and snug on the sofa.

My highlight today was spending time with my god brother and having the most blissful and relaxing bath.

Till next time, goodnight

Paisley X





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