January 6th 2014

Today I met up with Jamie and we had a late lunch early dinner at Pizza Hut. We had salad, chicken wings, lasagna and pepperoni pizza. We were pretty stuffed after all the food. Jamie did the classic spillage of his Pepsi and was very embarrassed.

After lunch we went to wonder round town going into shops and seeing if there was anything in the sales. I bought a pump for my air bed and then headed home.

I went to watch the Nelson Mandela film with my godmother Jess, it was an absolutely inspiring film and something that should be watched.

Reflection on this film
After seeing the treatment of the black people I felt guilty for being white. No one should be treated like that. The whites had the authority to be violent but the blacks were not allowed too. Nelson Mandela lost so many significant years in prison trying to achieve something that is slowly getting to be. Although racism still exists nowadays I hope one day we can all live in peace, RIP my dear Nelson Mandela ❤️20140107-004327.jpg


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