February 3rd 2014

Today was another week of university and I went in a hour early so I could try and recruit people to join the netball team. The student centre was very quiet so I gave up and went upstairs to ask my friends Annie and Jess to put up the posters that I had been given.

Classes were alright, politics, democracy and all that kind of thing isn’t really up my street but I tired my best to listen and understand. We watched some clips of debates in the cabinet and they were quite humorous since they were all acting like school children. I find it quite hard to understand things since I’ve haven’t lived here.

I was invited to take part in a flash mob and I’m really glad I went since it was a really good workout. The dance routine is quite easy and looks great when everyone is in sync. I stayed with the dance society after that and took part, think I may join.

I got home, had dinner and was actually quite exhausted but I stayed up till 3 AM going over notes for the next days lecture.

Up at 9 AM tomorrow, night xoxo




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