7th / 8th June

First I want to apologise for not writing for a long while, life just got too much!

So lets cut to the chase and start my new chapter of my summer holidays in Hong Kong.

On the 7th of June my flight was due to leave, my flight wasn’t until 22:30 so I decided to spend it with my mate Tom. We decided to go to Borough Market to have lunch and found a pub with sofas outside near the water. I had a mushroom and cream pie with vegetables and chips + a summery refreshing cider. After lunch we decided that it would be a great idea to pack my suitcase, since I happened to have so much stuff to bring. Tom and I with much needed effort managed to zip the suitcase with much of the force we had inside us. We then started to worry about the weight. We booked a taxi to drive us at half past six and were very lucky that we avoided all the traffic. We got to the airport, weighed the suitcase and we managed to get it bang on 23KG’s. We had time to kill so we had dinner at an italian restaurant and shared a pizza and pasta. We spent the last few hours talking and hugging, trying not to cry. When it was time to leave I gave Tom a big hug and went through security. I left enough time to not have to wait in the waiting lounge but get straight into the plane. I sat down, made myself comfortable and waited to take off. All was well till we were told there was going to be delay, so I sat in my seat, feeling extremely claustrophobic, having the urge to just get off the plane…. We finally took off and couldn’t wait to get to Hong Kong.

I arrived in Hong Kong and got my suitcase and walked out to the arrival hall but didn’t see my parents, I was slightly annoyed there were not there but glad when I saw them come my way. I ran and hugged them both and actually cried. We got take away curry from our favourite Indian restaurant and had a lovely meal.

I went straight to bed.

P x










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