September 4th – Walsall

Today I got up at 6:15 to make the 7:04 train to London Victoria. At Victoria I had to take the tube to London Euston to catch the train to Birmingham. At Birmingham I had to change and take a train to Walsall. Overall the trip took 3 hours.

Once I got to the train station, I was a lost puppy cause I did not know the area. I wanted at the car park and waited till another girl came along. I asked if she was here for the same reason and she said yea, so we waited together till we were picked up by one of the organisers. We waited for the third girl. Once we were all accounted for, we went to the hotel.

At the hotel we came to a meeting room where all the other girls were seated, we were the late comers (embarrassing)…we sat in the back and listened to the presentation which was about netball. We learnt way to recruit people and how we can make netball fun and interesting. It was a fantastic presentation and was worth the travel.

We had lunch and then went to a youth centre to play some netball. We met a lady named Sasha, who is a well known England Netball player. I didn’t really know she was well known in the world of netball, but never-less she gave good advice and will be someone I will look up too.

After a trying netball game we went back to the hotel and had time to ourselves. I chilled in my room since I was so exhausted.

At 7 we had dinner which consisted of soup and bread, a vegetable pastry with potatoes and then a sticky toffee pudding then tea and chocolate mints. I was full and went back to my room, watched some telly and now soon off to bed!

Long day tomorrow!

P xoxo
















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