Week 10

hello readers from across the globe,

A shout out to all of you for firstl reading my blog, having an interest and coming back for more!

So it’s week 10, the last week on my volunteer placement. Friday just gone was my last “on the field” where we did an evaluation on a previously sensitized community. It was a bitter sweet moment but to make the day better we saw baby goats and the knowledge level was relatively much higher then the other two communities put together. Woot woot – celebration time!

Now we just have paperwork to do, forms to fill out and get ready for our debrief day on Friday. We are going to be doing something called “ICS got talent” where each team does something interesting. I’m not going to tell you what our team is doing because that would ruin the surprise!

Soo while I currently suffer from constant sniffles and a rather bad cough I managed to pull off a surprise party for my best mate Pat. I had some help of course and a rather nice venue  which we were allowed to decorate! The party was an absolute blast but due to my illness I left early.

5 more days left and I’m off back to my busy life in London!

Enjoy Sunday my lovely readers!

P xoxo

P.S – host mum made me a lovely shirt!



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