Short Stories series 1

As I sit on the bench in the children’s playground, I reminisce my own childhood. Now at almost 22 years of age it seems a such a long time ago.

I remember when we used to go to the park afterschool. We would get completely soaked in the water fountain and run around playing catch. We always had a bruise or two, it was the life. We would get bottles of water from the nearby shop as it was a blazing hot summer, it always was. My two best friends were Sarah and Cristiano. We would pretend to be Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley – using magic to make the world a better place. The swings were my favourite at the park, I would swing as high as I could, close my eyes and imagine that I was flying like a bird. I would feel free and that nothing could harm me, I was at the treetops away from the ground.

When I got older I was able to walk home by myself from school. The walk home was a good half an hour walk – gave me time to think. I would cross 6 roads, pass the oldest hotel in Macau (Hotel Lisboa), smell the freshly cooked almond biscuits and walk through the short-cut to get to my apartment block. I lived on the 5th floor, flat c. We had a pretty big flat – four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two balconies. Enough for a family of 6 to share. It was my home for a fair few years, lots of memories made.

Our family did not have a computer till later on – we spent every weekend out. We would go horse riding or to the beach or pool, we always had something fun planned. I didn’t get my first phone until I was 14.

I realise that I am sitting on a bench in the park and its time to go.


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