**Facts about me**

Hey guys,

hope you’re all doing well on this gloomy Sunday evening ( and if you’re from a different country and time zone, I hope you’re having a good day!). I am doing my very best to concentrate on my assignments but thought I would write a blog post for my short break. I thought I would share a few facts about myself. Here goes!

  1. I am left handed, it’s surprising how many of my closest friends go “Oh, you’re left-handed” and I respond with “Ummm, yes, you’re my best friend, you should know this?!?!” *face palm*
  2. I have two sisters and one brother, all younger, I am the oldest.
  3. I grew up in Hong Kong, born in Hawick, Scotland and currently live in London.
  4. I am studying sociology, a subject which looks at society, how it works, social problems, some politics and more stuff……..
  5. I did the IB program (International Baccalaureate) – I STILL DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT. –> http://www.ibo.org/
  6. I am Dyslexic, which pretty much means I am rubbish at my own language!
  7. I hate shopping, I hate high heels, I hate nail polish, I hate dresses, I pretty much fail at being a woman.
  8. I have only have had two serious relationships with both failed so I am destined to be the cat lady 😛
  9. I can make duck sounds, weird I know.
  10. I have one tattoo on my right-hand shoulder at the back, it’s a dream catcher- you’ve seen it, I think?
  11. I have a nose ring, I’ve had it for a year now – I used to have a stud but it kept getting infected so I decided to use a ring instead. Mummy doesn’t approve but hey it’s my nose.
  12. I donate blood, I am O+ and glad I am able to contribute something back to the community and hopefully, when I die in my old age my organs will still be good enough to be given to someone else.
  13. I am passionate about volunteering. If I could live on this earth with just volunteering I would but unfortunately, everything has a price tag and you gotta work to earn the dollars to survive.
  14. I’ve never broken a bone or had any stitches (touch wood), I’ve just been very lucky or I am just too careful.
  15. I am obsessed with Home & Away, for those who don’t know it’s an Aussie soap and its the only program I have to watch each week.
  16. I am a neat freak, a bit OCD. I am organized. I can’t sleep unless I am in a tidy space.
  17. I have this obsession with dance. I used to do ballet when I was younger but quit due to school being too much. I wish I stuck to it.
  18. I played the flute for 5 years and hoping to reteach it to myself 🙂
  19. I should be fluent in Mandarin Chinese but rusty because I haven’t been learning it for about 4 years now, hoping to go back to China in the future and re-learn it. I know basic Cantonese and swear words in a few different languages 😉
  20. I hope to live in Australia in the future, not sure what doing but I want to learn how to surf!

If I come up with anymore I will let you know! Feel free to ask any questions! Also, vlogging will start soon!

P xoxo


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