USA ADEVENTURE (25/06/2017)

Hello everyone!

First thigs first, a happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers! May Allah grant you all your prayers <3.

Today was another exciting day at work, I was on the rock climbing wall! I have rock climbed before and it gave me the chance to practice myself. I learned how to belay, which is the person that supports the person who’s climbing, a pulling system where you pull them up and then let them down. It was nerve wrecking the first time I did it but now it’s come second nature, it’s now one of my favorite activities!

I got some time to climb myself which was really nice. I was buddied together with one of the other attendants, Austin, who’s a really good motivator and teacher. I started off not being able to do any of the wall to climbing half way! I’ve set a goal to be able to reach the bell as well at try master the other two walls! It’s been quite an awesome day!

I can honestly say that I am happy. It’s been awhile since I’ve been happy. The last time I remember being truly happy was getting into university. If I only knew how draining and stressful that journey was! I have been able to take advantage of my love for the outdoors. I haven’t been able to explore or take advantage of London’s outdoors because I’ve always been occupied with school. I was comfortable and stuck in old habits where laziness took over.  I used to be very outdorsy when I was in Hong Kong as my family always wanted to be outdoors and it was right at my doorstep. I am happy to be outside my comfort zone and to be in such a beautiful place. I am surrounded with such a great bunch of people, friendly and down to earth. I think it is time to move out of London.

Much love,

P xoxo

19420412_1928658324069284_3929125178732292476_n.jpgThe indoor climbing wall that’s at the activity centre.


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