USA ADVENTURE (26,27,28/06/2017)

Hello all,

Sorry that there has been a delay in writing! 

So, the 26th and 27th work was slow as most activities are weather dependent. I found myself bored and feeling like a spare part because we were not doing much. I did get some training on the climbing wall which was good because I haven’t done it before. 

The 28th was a fun day because I was at archery. It was busy and was fun as all the guests were friendly and were keen to talk to me. As I’m from the U.K. they wanted to know about London and what I was doing. There were competitions between family members and it was nice to watch and have  a laugh. I also got some of my own practice which was nice because I’m not very good at archery!

The bonus was getting tipped by a young girl and her mum as they appreciated the help. Wasn’t expecting it at all and was really greatful when the young girl ran down to me. 

Tonight I’m staying with a mate from work, let you know how it goes!

P xoxopracticing my archery 🏹View from the journey home to my mates


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