Hey guys and gals, 

Again I apologize for the delay. Most days I come home absolutely shattered and in no mood to write. 

On the 29th I had a day off so I spent it with my mate Bea. Bea is such a lovely person and was quite nice that we both had a day off together. We decided to watch Wonder Woman in town, she lives in Vermont which is then next state over. It was an absolute beautiful ride home. I met her mum, who was really welcoming and I felt right at home.  After the movie we went shopping, I didn’t buy much but it was nice to spend time with Bea and her mate Rose. We had spaghetti for dinner which was nice as the canteen food at the hotel is not the best I wish I had a kitchen. 

On Friday we drove into work together and I was supposed to have a day off but covered another co worker. I was working on go karts which is quite a fun activity.  It was a busy day but slowed down toward the end of the afternoon and was sent home early.

On Saturday, I was on go karts again which was really busy but it started to rain and then a storm approached. I was sent home early again. Regardless it was a great day! 

Next update soon!

P xoxo


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