Love & Happiness 

Hello my lovelies, 

Just a short blog entry from me about my view on love and happiness. I’m not a love guru but I hope you enjoy this read 🙂 x

I’ve spent so much of my life giving love to others. Since stepping into the dating scene at the tender age of 16, keeping my partner happy was always a part of the deal. I would always put him first, always made sure he was okay, I came second. 

Now, it wasn’t until my second year of university that I realized that many people will not return the favor. There aren’t many people like me, who will go the extra mile, or maybe I haven’t met them yet. People tend to walk all over you, take advantage of your good nature, use you because they are aware that “no” isn’t in your vocabulary.

Now, after the end of my recent relationship I’ve really thought about the question “what do I want”. I’ve spent 6 years of my dating life giving everyone else my love and affection but now it’s time for self care. 

I never really thought about self care, not sure why but in life I think it’s important. The only person that’s going to make you happy is yourself. You make your choices and you make them based on whether or not it’s going to benefit you. I came to the states this summer because I needed a break. A break from a 4 year emotional rollercoaster ride. It’s been another good decision that I’ve made and I can say that I am happy. I am happy because I am surrounded by a lovely bunch of people, I am happy because I am surrounded by a beautiful view and I am happy because I am loving myself. 

Love yourself truly before you let someone else love you. 

P xoxo


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  1. I like this blog posting. It shows self awareness and sanity!



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