USA ADVENTURE (22/07/17)

A brand new day in Chicago! 

Today, to cure our hunger pangs from too much alcohol we went to a local diner where I had hash browns, scrambled eggs and bacon. I haven’t had eggs since working at the resort and was happy to finally have some! The diner was small but the food met my expectations and now can tick “visit a diner” off my list. 

After breakfast we went to the beach. Now, I absolutely hate sand, always have, always will but I thought as it was sunny out it would be a great thing to do. It also was a dog beach, I love dogs and so off I went.The beach was filled with dogs from every breed ruining around, playing and having an absoute ball. Scott and I relaxed, drank wine and beer and enjoyed the company of the canines that came to say hi. I didn’t swim but I enjoyed soaking up the sun!

After the beach we went home and had a nap before heading to the pier to take aboat tour. We managed to miss the 7pm one and had to take the later one at 9. All was well as we went pub hopping again and went to an Irish bar and then another other dinky bar where we played darts (I lost of course). 


The boat tour was stunning and we were told the history of all the buildings. Chicago used to be made out of wood which burned to the ground and what we see today is a city built on a fallen city, pretty cool fact that I had no clue about. The tour was an hour and a half and I saw all the buildings in their glory, quite spectacular.

After the tour we headed home and we both were rather irritable from all the walking and the heat. We had leftovers for dinner and went straight to sleep. 

Another spectacular day. More pics to come soon! 

P xoxo


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