USA ADVENTURE (23/07/17)

My last full day in Chicago! Doesn’t time go fast when you’re having fun eh? 

Today was another relaxing morning where we didn’t get up till 12ish, that’s what sundays are for aren’t they? 

I had a good long conversation with my mama as it’s been awhile since we’ve talked, she and my younger siblings have now settled into the UK! Can’t wait to see them all again, it’s when you get older that you appreciate your siblings and the annoying things that come along with that! 

So, lunch was Mexican. I had a massive burrito was was filled with mince meat, carrots, potatoes, beans, lettuce…mhhhm. It’s was a family owned restaurant which was really cool and the decorations were all colourful and bright! 

After lunch we went thrift shopping (didn’t find anything but the experience was fun!) and then to the printing shop to pint my bus ticket and the concert tickets because we were going to see Roger Waters live, he used to be in the bank Pink Floyd. 

Scott drove me around town and showed me the plantarium and the view of Lake Michigan in front of all the high rises, quite a view. Then we were on our way to get some yummy ice cream.

A nap was needed so we had a nap before heading to the concert – we made a pit stop to the firehouse which is in Chicago fire and China town as I had cravings for Char Siu fan. 

It was time to stop dreaming and realize I was at such a beautiful venue for this concert, it was massive and could hold up to 22,000 people. I wasn’t familiar with many of the songs but got pretty excited when they played “just another brick on the wall” where they had children come on stage. It was a fantastic night. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

We got home around 12 and went straight to bed. Flying back to NH tomorrow 🤘🏼

P xoxo 


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