Well that went quickly 

So the ten weeks are up and I have now returned back home. After a 12 hour coach trip from Tamale to Accra we had a few hours to look around the capital before take off. We went to a beach, and was approached by every Tom, Dick and Harry to purchase their items. There [...]


Week 10

hello readers from across the globe, A shout out to all of you for firstl reading my blog, having an interest and coming back for more! So it's week 10, the last week on my volunteer placement. Friday just gone was my last "on the field" where we did an evaluation on a previously sensitized [...]

August 7th 2015

Today we went to the Kulaa community to do an evaluation to see how much they knew about sexual reproductive health.  As I was the only UKV And didn't speak Dagbani it made it hard to play a part but I took photos and tried to engage with the teenage girls.  We had to go [...]

Just an update

Hello readers, Just an update about what I have been up too. In regards to my placement and the project that I am with in Ghana we have been up to some pretty awesome things. On the 15th of July we had organized a twinning event, which is bringing together two schools. We brought together [...]

Two weeks and three days

Ive been in West Africa, Ghana, Tamale for two weeks and three days and throughly enjoying it. Despite the heat and the runny bottom life is grand. Unfortunately the water pipes have been turned off and are being fixed so we have no running water which means bucket showers and embarrassing poops let behind (not [...]