USA ADVENTURE (12/06/17)

Hello all,  As many of you know today was the day, the beginning of my four month adventure in the United States. Now, it was pretty surreal that the day had finally come and woke up feeling pretty bittersweet.  My day started at 7, where I said goodbye to the security guard, a lady named [...]



Dear all, I just want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy happy new year. If you find yourself alone this Christmas I send you hugs and love!   I will start writing again in the new year, stay tuned!  Much love, Paisley         

Morning thoughts 

hello world, As we speak I am sitting on the porch watching children ride their bikes to school and the cool African wind blowing through my hair. I couldn't be any more happier.  Yesterday I met a lady who has set up an orphanage for children who live on the streets, fighting for survival. This [...]

28thof December 2014

I left oxford on the 27th since I had to get home and get on with studying . The train was slower than usual since there were engineering works but I got home and decided I needed to give me room a clean. I went out to get food at 10 as I had nothing [...]

Midnight blues

So here I am listening to only love hurts like this by Paloma Faith with so many different things running through my mind. First off all is my continuous habit of jumping into the deep end with out my orange arm bands. I keep rushing into things, thinking everything will go at my pace and [...]

3rd March

Today I was due to go back to London. I slept in because I was tired but woke up early cause Louie had to go to school. I watched some tv and later on Della and I went out and had a croissant each and a hot chocolate. Right now I'm on the train, some [...]