4th March

Today I had uni at 9. I didn't set an alarm but I managed to get to class on time! It was a pretty decent lecture most probably because many people didn't turn up. Although I was knackered I took lots of notes and managed to pay attention.We went to the cafeteria for lunch and [...]

Side note

I am sick of lying and conniving people who think that hurting others is just fine. When you dedicate your time, affection and support and it just gets shoved back in you face is the most depressing thing to go through. What has happened to our world.

1st March

Today I made my way down to Brighton to spend the weekend with Louie, Della and Neil. The train journey was smooth and took longer than usual but hey I had nothing to rush too. I arrived in Brighton and Neil picked me up and took me back to the house. Spent the afternoon chilling, [...]