11/0917 Arrival time in NYC was around 1PM, about 40 mins late because of NYC traffic. After arrival was to make way towards airbnb accommodation. Stayed in Long Island City, with a lady named Maria, if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful place you can check her out here. *you get what you pay [...]


USA ADVENTURE (26/08/17)

Hellllllo!  Sorry I haven't posted in awhile I've been doing 14 hour shifts for the past two weeks!  Alongside my normal job I've been dishwashing and housekeeping which aren't the ideal jobs but money is money and money is what I need right now.   So my placement is coming to an end and I [...]

USA ADVENTURE (23/07/17)

My last full day in Chicago! Doesn't time go fast when you're having fun eh?  Today was another relaxing morning where we didn't get up till 12ish, that's what sundays are for aren't they?  I had a good long conversation with my mama as it's been awhile since we've talked, she and my younger siblings [...]

USA ADVENTURE (22/07/17)

A brand new day in Chicago!  Today, to cure our hunger pangs from too much alcohol we went to a local diner where I had hash browns, scrambled eggs and bacon. I haven't had eggs since working at the resort and was happy to finally have some! The diner was small but the food met [...]

21/07/17′ (Weekend in Chicago) 

Heeeeey guys!  Finally something exciting has come up and I'm ready to share it with you all! I am going to Chicago!  My day started at 5AM as I had to catch the bus from Littleton (the closest town) which left at 6:50AM. I had a friend from work pick me up and take me [...]