Hey guys and gals,  Again I apologize for the delay. Most days I come home absolutely shattered and in no mood to write.  On the 29th I had a day off so I spent it with my mate Bea. Bea is such a lovely person and was quite nice that we both had a day [...]

USA ADVENTURE (26,27,28/06/2017)

Hello all, Sorry that there has been a delay in writing!  So, the 26th and 27th work was slow as most activities are weather dependent. I found myself bored and feeling like a spare part because we were not doing much. I did get some training on the climbing wall which was good because I [...]

USA ADEVENTURE (25/06/2017)

Hello everyone! First thigs first, a happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers! May Allah grant you all your prayers <3. Today was another exciting day at work, I was on the rock climbing wall! I have rock climbed before and it gave me the chance to practice myself. I learned how to belay, which [...]

USA ADVENTURE (24/06/2017) 

Hey lovelies,  Today I was on tubing duty, where guests can use a rubber tube to float down the river. We had a group of about 15 people, which consisted of adults and children.  They arrived around 10 and they were all ready in their water shoes and swimming costumes. As soon as we started [...]

USA ADVENTURE (23/06/2017)

Hey y'all, Today was my first day off and honestly really enjoyed it! I got up around 10:30 ish and watched some Netflix until my roommate and I decided to hunt for a hoover to clean our room. We also did some washing as I was running out of clean clothes. My roomate seemed to know where everything [...]

USA Adventure (21,22/06/2017)

Hello all, I am now at my fifth day working at the adventure center at Bretton Woods. It's been really fun and I've learned a lot. Tomorrow I have a day off and I honestly can't wait to sleep in! Yesterday I was on harness duty, where we have to put harnesses on guests that want [...]